맥북 텍스트 자동완성 추가하기(mac auto completions)

by Kitle · 2020. 06. 18.

맥북 텍스트 자동완성(auto completions)

사용방법, 아래 명령어 입력.
brew install zsh-completions

그다음 한두글자 입력 후 키보드 Tab 누르면 끝.
자동완성이 갑자기 안되거나 하는 경우 쓰면 좋음.

To activate these completions, add the following to your .zshrc:

fpath=(/usr/local/share/zsh-completions $fpath)

You may also need to force rebuild `zcompdump`:

rm -f ~/.zcompdump; compinit

Additionally, if you receive "zsh compinit: insecure directories" warnings when attempting
to load these completions, you may need to run this:

chmod go-w '/usr/local/share'